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Let’s start off our day with a 1- hour, total body workout in Willow Bay. Barre fitness is fun, challenging and empowering! Set to today’s hottest music, our classes follow a series of low impact movements that target and fatigue all major muscle groups to shape, tone, strengthen and lift; followed by an elongating stretch. We begin with a warm up focusing on postural strength and alignment, followed by a series of upper body exercises using resistance bands to shape your body from every angle then move to lower body and core exercises while maintaining a challenging pace to increase heart rate! At FHIIT Barre and Bodyworks we make all movements and exercises modifiable for all fitness levels. TRY IT! You will need to bring a towel, exercise mat and water!


Class times

Classes are at 11am on Saturday and Sunday in “Athlete’s Village” located in Willow Bay at Onondaga Lake Park.

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Theresa Eppolito

Theresa is the owner of FHIIT Barre and Bodyworks and she cannot wait to see you in class. The last 15 years of her career she has spent in the fitness industry in marketing and sales and most importantly, fulfilling her passion of instructing various fitness classes throughout the Syracuse community. It has always been her life long passion to have her own studio and provide her clients a wholesome place where they can achieve their goals …SO, here she goes! Theresa is Exhale Barre Certified, Certified TRX instructor, Certified Zumba instructor and a Certified Personal Trainer.

Come get FHIIT with her!

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